Ensuring Accurate Catering Handoffs

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Ensuring a smooth handoff between your restaurant and our drivers will make or break a delivery's success. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of confirming a driver's assignment when they show up to pick up catering deliveries.

The Three Key Identifiers:

Verifying the information below will ensure that deliveries are never sent out with the wrong driver.

Job Name:

This is the unique identifier displayed in your DeliverThat Dashboard. The driver will have a matching Job Name in their application.

Customer Name and Address:

The driver will have the customer's name and address associated with the catering order. Cross-reference this information to confirm the accuracy.

Order Cost:

While drivers won't have the specific order contents, they'll have the total cost. Use this as an additional point of confirmation.

The Signature Process:

All DeliverThat drivers are required to collect a signature in their driver application during pickup. This helps verify that the food is handed over to the right person. 


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