Does DeliverThat Have a Delivery Radius?

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At DeliverThat, we take pride in offering flexibility when it comes to delivery distances. We do not impose strict delivery radius limitations. However, it's essential to understand the considerations and best practices for long-distance deliveries to ensure a smooth experience for both restaurant partners and our drivers.

Best Practices for Long-Distance Deliveries

1. Adding Gratuity

    • DeliverThat drivers typically receive generous tips, with an average of over $25 per order. Every delivery request competes with others to secure quality drivers and coverage. In cases of long-distance requests, this becomes more important than ever to understand and handle the gratuity commissions for drivers appropriately.

2. Submit the Delivery in Advance

    • 24-48 hours lead times ensure that our best drivers see them first and greatly increase coverage percentages.

3. Monitor Delivery Assignment

    • Keep an eye on the delivery assignment in the DeliverThat Dashboard for real-time updates.

4. Communicate in Advance (Priority Orders)

    • If a long-distance delivery is a priority order, proactively communicate with the DeliverThat Support Team in advance.

Recommendations for Restaurants Accepting Long-Distance Deliveries

1. Lead Time Flexibility

    • Long-distance deliveries should not have the same lead time requirements as other deliveries.
    • While quick lead times are crucial in the catering industry, accommodating lower lead times for long-distance deliveries may result in employee downtime or late cancellations.
    • Clear communication and expectations are crucial to managing guest experiences.

2. Avoid Low-Cost Orders with No Gratuity

    • Be cautious about accepting small delivery orders with no gratuity for long-distance deliveries.
    • Such orders can strain resources, including driver availability and time, without providing a proportional return on investment.
    • Evaluating the potential impact on your reputation and overall operational efficiency is essential.

Expectations for DeliverThat

    • Additional Payment: DeliverThat will do its best to offer additional payment incentives to drivers for long-distance deliveries.

    • Communication: For low lead time submissions, expect to receive an email and call if the delivery needs to be canceled.

    • Real-Time Monitoring: You can monitor the assignment status in real time through the DeliverThat Dashboard. You will also receive an email notification 2 hours before the pickup time in the event the delivery must be canceled.

A Note on Delivery Radius

While DeliverThat proudly offers flexibility regarding delivery radius, it's important to understand that success and fulfillment rates decrease significantly on deliveries exceeding 30 miles. Balancing expectations and effective planning are key to a positive long-distance delivery experience.

For any additional questions or clarifications regarding long-distance deliveries or our services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to support your catering needs.

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