Why DeliverThat Uses an Overflow Network

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DeliverThat has a commitment to catering delivery and setup excellence. Our fleet specializes in pre-scheduled, routed catering delivery. That being our specialty, it is important we share why we partner with an Overflow Network - primarily, DoorDash's Driver Network.

Here's why we do it:

1. Fixing Problems Fast

In delivery, things go wrong. Drivers take the wrong route. Restaurants have delays. Many other variables can go wrong during a delivery. We use DoorDash to step in quickly and ensure your orders are still delivered on time, even when things get tricky.

2. Adaptable and Ready to Grow

Catering delivery volume can change greatly, with busy and slow days. DoorDash helps us grow when we need more drivers and shrink when things slow down. This way, we always give you great service.

3. Last-Minute Orders Are No Problem

Sometimes, your clients need catering at the last minute. Having an Overflow Delivery Service Network ensures we have enough drivers to handle your orders, even when you don't have much time to plan.

4. Reliable Deliveries, No Matter What

We aim to cover 98% or more of your delivery requests, so you can focus on your restaurant without worrying. DoorDash helps us keep that commitment, so you're never left hanging. Our goal is always to keep our use of this Overflow Network minimal.

We want to ensure you always get reliable catering delivery and setup services. That's why our partnership with DoorDash is important to the DeliverThat service offering.

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