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At DeliverThat, we are dedicated to maintaining a completion rate of over 98% across our network. Although cancellations are infrequent, they are essential moments in our partnership. It is critical for catering operators to understand how they are alerted of cancellations and the reasons behind them.

Why Deliveries Get Cancelled

Unassigned deliveries

DeliverThat functions as a marketplace of drivers. While our extensive fleet of committed drivers is substantial, we cannot force contract drivers to accept deliveries. Drivers weigh various factors when deciding whether to accept an offer. These factors include:

    • The restaurant's reputation
    • Pay
    • Time commitment

The primary reasons for the lack of driver coverage that we've tracked include long distances and inadequate gratuity.

Natural causes

    • Accidents
    • Car trouble
    • Driver personal emergencies

DeliverThat has an Overflow Network of Same Day drivers and integrates with other "ASAP" delivery services to minimize the impact of such incidents, ensuring that your operations team is not burdened with last-minute cancellations.

What to Expect When a Cancellation Occurs

Last-minute cancellations:

Our team will contact your storefront or use the communication channels outlined during your onboarding.

Unassigned delivery cancellations:

    • An email will be sent to the provided submitter email 2 hours before the pickup.
    • The dashboard will be updated to reflect the new delivery status.

When you receive an email notification 2 hours before the pickup and are left with no other options, you can take the following steps:

    • Contact our live delivery hotline at (315) 630-3330, extension 2, and discuss the situation with our team.
    • We can resubmit the delivery and provide transparent feedback on coverage opportunities. Our primary options include adding additional gratuity for the driver and conducting manual outreach to nearby drivers.

Impact and Follow-Up 

We understand that cancellations can be one of the most challenging issues when working with a third-party delivery provider. DeliverThat is committed to maintaining a high fill rate and handling cancellations with sensitivity. Please email us with any escalation resulting from cancellations at We are here to support you.

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