Tracking Your Driver

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At DeliverThat, we understand the importance of knowing the location of your delivery. With our easy-to-use DeliverThat Dashboard, you can effortlessly track your driver in real time, ensuring a smooth and stress-free delivery experience.

Getting Started

  1. Access the Deliveries Tab: To begin tracking your driver, navigate to the "Deliveries" tab on the left side of the DeliverThat Dashboard. You'll find all the deliveries you've assigned to our trusted driver network here.
  2. Use Filters: Inside the "Delivery Management" tab, you can use filters to search for a specific order based on your preferences, making it simple to find the order you're interested in tracking.
  3. Click 'Details': You'll notice a Details' button on the right-hand side of your chosen delivery. Click on it to reveal the specifics of your delivery as DeliverThat received them.
  4. Tap 'Track Driver': You'll find a 'Track Your Driver' button at the bottom of the delivery details. Clicking this button will open a new tab displaying a map view.

Map View

Understanding the Map: In the map view, you'll see a few key elements:

  • Pickup Location: Represented by a dot on the map.
  • Drop-off Location: Marked by a dot with a home icon.
  • Driver's Location: Displayed as a car symbol on the map.

Estimated Time of Arrival

The map view also provides an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for both the pickup and drop-off locations, giving you a clear idea of when your delivery will be completed.

Having Trouble?

Driver Running Late or Tracking Link Issues:

If you encounter a situation where your driver is running late, or your tracking link isn't working as expected, don't worry. Simply call our hotline at 315-630-6330, extension 2, and discuss the matter with DeliverThat's live support. Do not cancel or take the delivery in-house without discussion with our support team. Our team is ready to assist you and provide timely solutions to ensure your delivery goes smoothly.

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