Address Requirements

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At DeliverThat, we understand that accurate address submissions are the foundation of successful deliveries. This guide covers the best practices for submitting addresses to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process. Let's break it down.

Street Address

Street Address should include the precise location, like "4895 Dressler Rd NW." This accuracy is vital for proper mapping and navigation.

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Apartment / Suite

Use the Apartment / Suite field for apartment numbers or office suite information. Be cautious because anything submitted here can lead to mapping errors, adjustment charges upon invoicing, and late deliveries.

Accurate Use: "Suite E" or "Apt. 5"

Inaccurate Use: 

  1. Company name
  2. Customer name
  3. Floor number

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City / State / Zip Code

Ensure all City, State, and Zip Code details are accurate. They play a significant role in proper mapping and location identification.

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Building Type

The Building Type field helps our drivers and internal team plan deliveries, but it's not used for mapping.

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Drop-off Instructions

In the Drop-off Instructions field, provide extra guidance and details to help the driver. This includes information like:

  • Floors
  • Company Names
  • Security and parking instructions
  • Any other details that assist the driver in a smooth delivery process.

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Key Takeaway: Accurate address submissions are essential for on-time deliveries, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Following these best practices ensures orders reach their destination promptly and correctly.

If you need to share information not covered here, use the Drop-off Instructions field to provide additional details that assist our drivers in successfully completing the delivery.

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