Updating a Delivery

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As a restaurant admin or operator, keeping order details up-to-date is crucial for the success of your catering deliveries. This guide will show you how to update deliveries in the Dashboard easily.


Modifying A Delivery In The Dashboard

Steps For Modification

Step 1: Log in to the Dashboard

To begin updating a delivery, log in to your Dashboard by navigating to the login page and entering your login credentials.

Step 2: Click "Deliveries" in the main navigation

Once logged in, locate the main navigation menu (left side) and click "Deliveries" to access the deliveries page.

Step 3: Select the delivery to update

The list of deliveries will show you an overview of each delivery, including delivery location, delivery date, and status. You'll also see a list of pre-built filters and a search by “Job Name” or "Customer Name," allowing you to locate the delivery you’re looking to update quickly. Click on the "details" button on the right side.

Step 4: Click the "Update Delivery" button

At the bottom of the delivery details drawer, click the "Update Delivery" button. Note that this button may be disabled if updating the delivery is not possible.

In the event the update is restricted, you can still contact our hotline at (315) 630-3330 to ask for DeliverThat support to help make the update.

Step 5: Fill out the Update Delivery form

Once you click the "Update Delivery" button, a form will appear where you can make changes to the delivery details. Fill out all the necessary fields, including the delivery address, delivery date, and other relevant information.

Step 6: Submit the updated delivery

After making the necessary changes, click the "Update Delivery" button to submit the updated delivery. This will trigger a message on the screen, letting you know whether the update was successful.

Step 7: Check for a success message

If the update is successful, a message will appear on the screen, confirming that the delivery has been updated. Please note that not all deliveries may be updated through the dashboard.

If an error message is shown, you can still call live support at (315) 630-3330 and have them manually update the delivery.

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