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At DeliverThat, we want to ensure your experience with us is top-notch. Our support email,, is here to help with various aspects of your partnership with DeliverThat.

What Can You Use This Email For?

  1. Driver Feedback: If you have feedback about a driver's performance, good or bad, please let us know. We appreciate your input to improve our service and help in managing our drivers.

  2. Delivery Experience Feedback: We value your feedback about the overall delivery experience. Share your thoughts on how we can enhance your experience.

  3. Refund Requests: In case of any issues with orders or payments, please provide us with the order ID, and we'll promptly assist you with refund requests.

  4. Specific Driver Requests: If you have a preferred driver you'd like to request for deliveries, please include their name when you contact us.

  5. Miscellaneous Requests: For any other questions, concerns, or requests related to your partnership with DeliverThat, feel free to use this email. We're here to help!

Important Information

To ensure we can assist you effectively, please remember to include the following information in your email:

  • Order ID: Whenever possible, include the order ID related to your inquiry. This helps us quickly locate the specific order and provide you with the best support.

  • Customer Name: If you do not have the order ID available, the customer name can assist in locating the delivery you are requesting support on.
  • Driver's Name (if requesting a specific driver): If you have a favorite driver you'd like to work with, please mention their name in your email, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.


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