Importance of Regular Status Calls

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Catering Partners who actively manage their off-premise operations and delivery partners achieve significantly higher success rates in deliveries and customer retention. At DeliverThat, we've seen a long track record supporting the importance of status calls. 

We believe in the power of collaboration and open communication. We offer regular status calls with our dedicated team of restaurant experience specialists and sales managers, all of whom have extensive experience in Delivery Operations or Restaurant Sales.

Why Status Calls Matter

Status calls are an essential part of our commitment to your success. We recommend that catering partners come prepared with specific questions and feedback. It's a collaborative effort that allows us to work together effectively. We suggest having key team members on these calls, including the off-premise leader, operations, and accounting points of contact.

What You Can Expect

During these calls, DeliverThat provides valuable metrics tailored to your needs. While the specifics can vary based on your request, the following are some of the metrics we typically provide:

  • Completed delivery count
  • Cancelled delivery count
  • Fill rate
  • Food cost delivered
  • Delivery averages, including cost and distances
  • Metros and locations serviced
  • Driver count
  • Restaurant incident details
  • DeliverThat incidents details

Our Commitment to Success

At DeliverThat, we are dedicated to accountability and transparency. We believe that regular status calls are an excellent way to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement. By working together and sharing insights, we can help you achieve your goals and continuously enhance your delivery operations.

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